Should I Remove It

Should I Remove It

It helps you find out which applications you can safely remove from your system
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This is a very simple application that lists the programs installed on your system and lets you get rid of any of them. What makes this tool special in comparison with the many other uninstallers on the market is the fact that it provides a unique rating for every installed application. This rating lets you know how important and necessary it is to keep a particular program. It basically helps you identify unneeded software that you can safely remove. Even its name suggests that this is the actual meaning and purpose of this utility: to help you find out which applications can be deleted from your system.

“Should I Remove It” is very small, neat and lightweight. This simple tool comes with a minimalistic, intuitive and straightforward interface. There are no intricate settings – just a list with the installed applications, some additional details for each one (the installation date and size), their ratings and buttons, that allow you to start the removal process or view additional online information.

This is a great software for the novice users that have no idea on how to remove bloatware and unneeded applications from their systems. It is not only simple-to-use and trustworthy, but also free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very lightweight and neat
  • The interface is really simple and straightforward
  • It's free


  • Uses the default uninstaller of the applications in order to remove them, without providing any additional post-uninstallation scanning capabilities
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